The Carl Sandburg Amtrak route travels daily between Chicago and Quincy, Illinois. WiFi, small cafe and business class seating is available on all trains with stops in the Chicago suburbs and small cities with quaint downtown areas.


Visit the Amtrak timetable for the Carl Sandburg train (on page 2) to plan your trip and be sure to verify latest schedules on the Amtrak site. You can also view current schedules via Google Maps or when booking your tickets.

Things to know:

  • One train in each direction daily
  • Trains depart Chicago before 8 a.m.
  • Trains depart Quincy at 5:30 p.m., so if you depart from Chicago in the morning, you can return same day.



  • Chicago Loop
  • Willis Tower
  • Downtown Naperville
  • DuPage Children’s Museum
  • Naperville Riverwalk
  • Mendota Museum
  • Union Depot Railroad Museum
  • Kewanee Historical Society
  • Downtown Galesburg
  • Galesburg Railroad Museum
  • Discovery Depot Children’s Museum