The Illini Amtrak route provides daily service as an early evening commuter train between Chicago and Carbondale, IL. It is formerly part of the historic Illinois Central Railroad, the first land-grant railroad in the United States.

Other Amtrak trains share the tracks, including the local Saluki route and the City of New Orleans, all of which go to Chicago, so it’s best to board the first train to arrive at your starting station, depending on your final destination. Use Google Maps for trip planning to find the train that works with your schedule.


Visit the Amtrak timetable for the Illini train to plan your trip (be sure to verify latest schedules on the Amtrak site). You can also view current schedules via Google Maps or when booking your tickets. Things to know:

  • Trains depart just after 4 p.m. from Chicago and Carbondale
  • The Saluki train provides morning service to all the same stations
  • Because the Saluki is an evening train, you’ll need to find accommodations in your arrival city


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