Midwest Amtrak Routes

Empire Builder in Wisconsin

The Midwest has a surprising number of Amtrak routes — more than 15. There are long-distance trains that travel to and from Chicago plus several regional trains in Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan and Missouri. See the list of Midwest Amtrak routes below to explore your options.

Note that the Census Bureau definition of Midwest states was used: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

Midwest Routes

Amtrak RouteStates
Blue WaterIllinois, Michigan
California ZephyrIllinois, Iowa, Nebraska
CardinalIllinois, Indiana, Ohio
Carl Sandburg Illinois
City of New OrleansIllinois
Capitol LimitedIllinois, Indiana, Ohio
Empire BuilderIllinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota
HiawathaIllinois, Wisconsin
Illinois ZephyrIllinois
Lake Shore LimitedIllinois, Indiana, Ohio
Lincoln ServiceIllinois, Missouri
Missouri River RunnerMissouri
Pere MarquetteIllinois, Michigan
Southwest ChiefIllinois, Missouri, Iowa, Kansas
Texas EagleIllinois, Missouri
WolverineIllinois, Michigan

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