Amtrak’s Saluki route travels between Chicago and Carbondale, Illinois as a morning commuter train. WiFi and business class seating is available on this trip through small-town Midwest.


View the Amtrak timetable for the Saluki train to plan your trip under Illinois Services. You can also view current schedules when booking your tickets. Things to know:

  • Trains depart Chicago each day at 8:15 a.m. and from Carbondale at 7:30 a.m.
  • You’ll need to stay overnight in Chicago or take the Illini train on your return trip (departs just after 4 p.m. from Chicago and Carbondale)
  • The City of New Orleans train also stops at all the same stations as another option, but you’ll be joining non-local passengers with luggage on that train
  • Because there are multiple trains, we highly recommend using Google Maps to plan your trip with your desired departure or arrival time to determine which train meets your needs best.



  • Chicago Loop
  • Willis Tower
  • Kankakee Model Railroad Club
  • Champaign County History Museum
  • Orpheum Children’s Science Museum
  • Centralia Area Historical Society
  • Carbondale Old Train Depot
  • Southern Illinois University