Google Transit DirectionsGoogle Maps is a great Amtrak trip planning tool that provides commute options and commute times based on your start and end address (or station). To get started, see the steps below.

  1. Go to Google Maps on your computer or smartphone
  2. Enter your destination, including a specific address, landmark or Amtrak station
  3. Click on the “Directions” button, which appears as a blue circle with an arrow on a mobile device
  4. Enter your starting location or station
  5. Click on the train icon to view transit routes and schedules

Tip: You can select the day and time you wish to depart or arrive to get custom trip plans. Be sure to confirm and book your ticket on once you’ve found your route.

Rider Alert

Due to reduced service during the coronavirus pandemic, train times in Google Maps may not display the most recent schedule adjustments. Once you’ve identified the train route you need, go to and start the booking process on that page to see available train times.