Most of Amtrak’s east coast routes, and some that originate in the Midwest and South, travel to New York City’s Penn Station. A bustling transportation hub like Chicago, Manhattan is full of car-free transit options and there are many trains to choose from when planning your trip.

See below to explore the Amtrak routes that stop in New York City, and use Google Maps with the transit feature to discover the best routes (with commute times) for your specific trip. Just enter your starting Amtrak station or city to view options.

NYC Amtrak Routes

The following Amtrak routes stop at Penn Station:

Things to Know

  • It’s easy to transfer to multiple forms of transit once in Manhattan. Subway lines A, C, E and 1, 2 3 stop at the station as well as New Jersey Transit and Long Island Railroad
  • Acela Express stops at many of the same stations as the Northeast Regional, but is faster if you have a choice between the two.

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