Many Amtrak routes and trains travel to Philadelphia, making it one of the easier cities to reach via rail. Plus, there are two stations in the city, 30th Street Station near downtown and the North Philadelphia Station. However, only the Northeast Regional and Keystone Service trains stop at the North Philadelphia Amtrak Station, while 11 different routes stop at the 30th Street Station.

View the list of Philadelphia Amtrak routes below to start planning your trip. We recommend using Google Maps with the transit feature to view directions and schedules. Amtrak information is integrated with Google Maps, so you can quickly get commute options and commute times for your specific needs.

Philadelphia Amtrak Routes

Things to Know

  • The 30th Street Station is a major transit hub and it is very easy to transfer from Amtrak to a SEPTA commuter train, subway line or even a trolley from the station.
  • If you’re traveling from New York City, Boston or D.C., the Acela Express route is the fastest.
  • There are a few hotels that are a short walk away if you need a place to stay overnight: AKA University City Hotel, The Study at University City and Sheraton Philadelphia University City.
  • The Liberty Bell is about a 40-minute walk from the train station if you want to go for an urban hike, or hop on the subway or request an Uber or Lyft car.

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