Planning a trip to Seattle on Amtrak? It’s an easy commute if you’re traveling from the West Coast, especially from cities including Portland, Tacoma, Eugene, Sacramento, Oakland, San Jose, Santa Barbara, Burbank and Los Angeles. Read on to explore your options.

Seattle Amtrak Routes

Three Amtrak routes travel to downtown Seattle’s Amtrak Station:

For easiest trip planning, use Google Maps with the transit option and enter your starting location and King Street Station as the destination to view Amtrak route options and trip times.

If the Seattle–Tacoma International Airport is your destination, exit at the Tukvila Station instead via the Cascades route and request an Uber, Lyft or taxi for the 10-minute ride to the airport.

Things to Know

  • The Empire Builder trains travel from the Midwest and are less frequent than the Cascades and Coast Starlight routes.
  • At the King Street Station, you can connect with Sounder commuter trains (usually only weekday rush hour service), Sound Transit express buses, Amtrak motorcoaches or walk to S. Jackson Street next to the station for local buses.
  • Other transit connections: the First Hill Streetcar is about a 5-minute walk away as well as the International District/Chinatown Link light rail station.
  • You can also use Uber of Lyft to get from the King Street Station to your final destination.

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