Taking Amtrak to Washington D.C. is a popular choice for some business commuters and tourists due to the direct service from major cities on the east coast. Plus, with all the traffic in the D.C. area, taking the train into the city and transfering to the subway, MARC commuter train or other transit service at the Amtrak station is one way to reduce driving delays and hassles.

In general, the best way to plan your trip is with Google Maps. A transit feature provides¬† information on Amtrak schedules and routes from your starting location. For more information, explore the Amtrak routes below that have direct service to DC’s Union Station.

DC Amtrak Routes

The following Amtrak routes stop in D.C., with trains providing service to and from most major cities east of the Mississippi:

Things to Know

  • Taxis line up and are waiting at DC’s Amtrak station most of the day
  • Need to rent a car at the station? Choose from Alamo, Avis, Budget and Hertz
  • Commute time to/from Chicago is about 17.5 hours via Capitol Limited
  • Commute time to/from New York City averages to about 3 hours, faster if you choose the Acela Express train over the Northeast Regional — and the scenery is beautiful between DC and Philadelphia

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