Just one Amtrak train stops in Atlanta each day on its way to either New Orleans or New York City on the Crescent route. The trip is relatively easy as long as you start at a station on the Crescent line — otherwise, due to the minimal transfer points and long distances between cities in the South, it would take an extraordinary amount of time to travel to Atlanta by train.

Ironically, Atlanta was built as a rail center and was first called “Terminus” when the city was founded in 1837.

To quickly review Amtrak commute times and routes to Atlanta, use Google Maps with the transit feature.

Things to Know

  • The Crescent route basically travels in a straight line between the New York and New Orleans — with most stations away from the coast except for the start and end of the route.
  • Major cities on the Crescent route (besides the two mentioned above) include Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Charlotte and Birmingham.
  • The Atlanta Amtrak station is a small station in between Midtown and Buckhead. Request an Uber or Lyft car after you arrive or stand at a bus stop on Peachtree Street next to the station for a short ride to the MARTA rail system (or walk 20 minutes).

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