Three Amtrak routes travel to New Orleans:

Connect with these trains in cities including New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Chicago, Atlanta, Memphis, San Antonio, Tucson, Phoenix and Los Angeles.

To plan your trip, use Google Maps with your starting location and the Union Passenger Terminal in New Orleans as the destination. Click on the train icon to view schedules and routes.

Once you arrive in New Orleans, you can transfer to the Rampart/St. Claude Streetcar next to the station for travel to the French Quarter, St. Claude Arts District and the Canal Streetcar line. View streetcar fares.

Commute Times to New Orleans

As scheduled, you can expected the following trip times:

  • 9 hours from Memphis
  • 12 hours from Atlanta
  • 19.5 hours from Chicago
  • 24 hours from Washington D.C.
  • 46 hours from Los Angeles