Three Amtrak routes travel to Savannah, Georgia: Palmetto, Silver Meteor and Silver Star. All travel along the East Coast and stop at many of the same stations. If you aren’t starting the trip near one of these routes, you’ll have to ride more than one train to reach Savannah. Washington D.C. and New York City are common transfer locations to trains that travel to Savannah.

Learn about more about each route below to plan your trip and use the Find Trains feature on the homepage to view travel options.


The Palmetto is a daytime train that travels between New York City and Savannah. Choose from coach or business class seats when booking your ticket – private accommodations are not available on this train. For food, there is a café car, but we highly recommend bringing food on the train. Arrival time in Savannah is after 9 p.m.

Silver Meteor

The Silver Meteor is an overnight train that travels between New York City and Miami. It has Viewliner sleeper cars, so you can book a roomette or bedroom if you want private sleeping accommodations. Meals are beverages and included in the ticket price if you choose one of these options. Otherwise, you can reserve a coach seat and purchase food in the café car (or bring your own food on board).

Southbound Silver Meteor trains arrive in Savannah early in the morning and northbound trains arrive early evening. If you are traveling from Florida, the Silver Meteor has the best arrival time in Savannah.

Silver Star

Another option for reaching Savannah by train is the Silver Star route. Like the Silver Meteor, trains travel between New York City and Miami and also stop in Lakeland and Tampa. Coach seats, roomettes and bedrooms are ticket options.

Arrival times in Savanah are not ideal. Southbound trains arrive before 5 a.m. and northbound trains arrive around 1:30 a.m.

Other Things to Know

  • There is no direct train service from Atlanta to Savannah.
  • Downtown Savannah is not in walking distance of the Amtrak station.
  • Uber and Lyft car services are in Savannah as an easy way to get around.
  • Some taxis will meet the trains, or call a local company in advance to arrange for pick up. Chatham Cab is the main provider: (912) 691-4466.

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