Two Amtrak routes stop at Orlando Amtrak Station, the Silver Meteor and the Silver Star. Both are long-distance routes that travel between New York City and Miami, so you can board a train to Orlando in many cities along the east coast as well as in Tampa. Amtrak trains also stop in nearby Winter Park and Kissimmee as additional options for reaching the Orlando area in case your final destination is closer to one of these stations.

Things to Know

  • Train arrival times in Orlando are excellent if there are no delays. Trains heading south arrive late morning to early afternoon. Trains heading north arrive in the early afternoon and early evening.
  • The Amtrak Auto Train stops nearby in Sanford, Florida with a departure from Virginia in case that route works for you and you would like to transport your car or other vehicle.

Florida Trip Times

  • Trip time between Miami and Orlando is just over 5 hours without delays, which is only one hour longer than driving.
  • Trip time between Orlando and Tampa is about about two hours without delays, with trains arriving in the early evening.
  • Trip time between Jacksonville and Orlando is about 3 hours and 15 minutes without delays, which is only 45 minutes longer than driving.

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