Unfortunately, Nashville, Tennessee does not have an Amtrak station. If you’re trying to reach the city by train, you’ll have to use one of the nearby rail stations and either rent a car, transfer to an Amtrak bus or connect with a Greyhound bus to continue to Nashville. Explore your options below.

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Memphis to Nashville

The first commute option is to travel to the Memphis Central Station on the City of New Orleans route from major cities including Chicago, New Orleans and Jackson, Mississippi. Once in Memphis, you can rent a car and drive just over three hours or take a Greyhound bus from Memphis to Nashville in about four hours. Note that the Memphis Amtrak station is not in walking distance of the Greyhound station; you’ll need to get a taxi, Uber or Lyft ride between the two.

Cincinnati to Nashville

The Cincinnati Union Terminal Amtrak station is about four hours away via car and between five and six hours by Greyhound bus. The Cincinnati Union Terminal is on the Cardinal train route, which stops in cities including Indianapolis, Chicago, Washington D.C., Philadelphia and New York City. The Greyhound bus station is also not near the Amtrak station, so you’ll need to get a taxi, Uber or Lyft ride to make that connection.

Amtrak Bus

Lastly, Amtrak does offer bus service to Nashville, but from cities that are farther away than the two listed above. Just select Nashville as your destination when booking your Amtrak tickets to view your options.

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