Traveling to Los Angeles on Amtrak? Multiple routes connect with the historic Union Station next to Chinatown, and it is easiest to travel from West Coast cities, or from states including Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Missouri and Illinois. The best way to plan your trip is with Google Maps using the transit feature. Enter your starting Amtrak station or city, and Union Station Los Angeles as the end destination, then choose the train icon to view route options.

The following Amtrak routes stop in L.A., so you can also view stations on the routes to see if any are near your starting location. Note that Chicago, Seattle, Portland and New Orleans are major transfer points to the trains that travel to Los Angeles.

L.A. Amtrak Routes

Things to Know

  • The Los Angeles Union Station is a major transportation hub and it is easy to transfer to a variety of other transit options once you arrive.
  • Travel time between downtown San Diego and L.A. is about three hours.
  • Travel time between San Francisco and L.A. is almost 13 hours.

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