What Amtrak station is closest to Cambridge and Harvard?

Harvard University campus building

Cambridge, Massachusetts is near the three downtown Boston Amtrak stations: North Station, South Station and Back Bay. Choosing a station will depend on your Amtrak route and other factors. See tips below.

North Station

North Station is at 135 Causeway Street and provides a connection to one Amtrak route: Downeaster. The train travels north to New Hampshire and Maine.

South Station

Many Amtrak trains stop at the South Station at 700 Atlantic Avenue. The station also connects with the MBTA subway red line, which travels to and from Cambridge for an easy transit transfer. You can reach the South Station from major cities including Chicago, New York City, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. via the Acela Express, Northeast Regional and Lake Shore Limited Amtrak routes.

Back Bay Station

Acela Express, Northeast Regional and Lake Shore Limited trains also stop at the Back Bay Station at 145 Dartmouth Street. This station may be an easier option if you plan to take a taxi, Uber or Lyft to campus.

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