Boston’s South Station, constructed in 1899, is in downtown Boston at 700 Atlantic Avenue. In addition to Amtrak trains, MBTA commuter rail and subway trains on the red line connect with the historic station along with many regional bus services.

Station Amenities

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Things to Know

  • South Station is near many tourist attractions
  • Amtrak can hold your luggage at the station, just look for a “red cap” employee
  • There are several casual restaurants inside the station
  • Connect with the red line for a quick subway ride to Boston Commons, Cambridge and Harvard University

Amtrak Routes

Amtrak routes that travel to Boston’s South Station are:

Nearby Hotels

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Things to Do

  • Dewey Square Farmers Market (1-minute walk)
  • Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum (6-minute walk)
  • Boston Chinatown Gate (6-minute walk)
  • Boston Children’s Museum (8-minute walk)
  • Rowes Wharf  + Harborwalk (8-minute walk)
  • Boston Opera House (9-minute walk)
  • Paramont Center (9-minute walk)
  • Old South Meeting House (10-minute walk
  • Orpheum Theatre (11-minute walk)
  • Old State House (11-minute walk)
  • Boston Common (11-minute walk)
  • Granary Burying Ground (12-minute walk)
  • New England Aquarium (12-minute walk)
  • Boch Center – Wang Theatre (14-minute walk)
  • Fan Pier Park (14-minute walk)
  • Boston Public Garden (15-minute walk)
  • The Institute of Contemporary Art (17-minute walk)

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