Two Amtrak routes travel to Pittsburgh: Capitol Limited (long-distance train) and the Pennsylvanian.  As the name suggests, the Pennsylvanian trains travel mostly in the state of Pennsylvania and stop at cities including Harrisburg, Philadelphia and New York City. If you are traveling from the Midwest, the Capitol Limited connects Chicago to Washington D.C. through Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Maryland.

Things to Know

  • Chicago, Washington D.C. and New York City Penn Station are major transfer points between Amtrak routes, so depending on your starting station, you might need to change trains in one of these cities in order to reach Pittsburgh.
  • There are only three trains that stop in Pittsburgh each day. The Pennsylvanian train has the best arrival time around 8 p.m. and has WiFi.
  • Otherwise, Capitol Limited trains departing from Washington D.C. arrive in Pittsburgh around midnight with a trip time of about 8 hours. Or eastbound trains from the Midwest arrive around 5 a.m. if no delays
  • The Pittsburgh Amtrak Station is in a walkable area near hotels and attractions in case you need to book overnight accommodations.

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