Which Amtrak station is closest to Boston Logan Airport?

Boston Logan Airport

Two Amtrak stations are less than a 10-minute drive from Boston Logan Airport: North Station and South Station. North Station trains only travel north through Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. South Station trains only travel south with stops in Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. See below for more information about each station and tips for traveling to and from the airport.

Boston North Station

Only the Downeaster Amtrak route stops at Boston’s North Station. If this is your train route, once you get to North Station, you can choose to get an Uber, Lyft or taxi, or you can transfer to the subway. The MBTA orange line departs from the North Station, and you can take it to the blue line at the State Station to continue to the airport. A shuttle bus is required for the last leg of the trip. The transit commute is about 35 minutes, and you can purchase a fare card inside the North Station for the subway ride.

We recommend using Google Maps to view all your transit options. Note that you can reverse directions if you are arriving at the airport. The Silver Line S1 bus departs from Boston Logan and provides free service to the South Station, and from there you can transfer to the subway to reach the North Station as another option.

Boston South Station

Three Amtrak routes stop at South Station: Acela Express, Northeast Regional and Lake Shore Limited. Lake Shore Limited is a long-distance route that travels between Boston and Chicago, the other two routes travel up and down the East Coast many times a day. From Boston’s South Station, request an Uber, Lyft, or taxi, or transfer to SL1 silver line bus. The bus travels to Logan Airport in about 15 minutes. You can purchase a fare ticket in a vending machine inside South Station and add cash value. Adult fare is around $3, and around $1 for youths and seniors.

Reminder that if you are traveling from the airport to South Station, it is free to ride the SL1 bus.

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