Amtrak travel from Tampa to Miami: Tips and things to know

One Amtrak train travels from Tampa to Miami each day on the Silver Star route. The trip takes just one hour longer than driving, but be aware that the train is arriving from New York City and delays (sometimes long ones) can happen. To improve your experience, see tips and things to know below.


Trains depart Tampa around 12:30 p.m. and arrive in Miami around 6 p.m. if no major delays. Trip time is about 5.5 hours.

Note that train schedules are updated periodically and the above times may change. You can always view the current departure times when going through the ticket booking process on

Other Things to Know

  • You can check your bag at the Tampa Amtrak station. Arrive 45 minutes early if you plan to do this. Otherwise, arrive 30 minutes before scheduled departure.
  • There is WiFi on the Silver Star train and a cafe for snacks and sandwiches.
  • You can reserve a roomette or bedroom if you want privacy during the trip.
  • There is free (and covered) overnight parking at Tampa Union Station if you can find a space. The historic station is also a charming building to tour, even if you aren’t traveling.
  • If there is a major delay or you have time to kill before your trip, the Florida AquariumAmerican Victory Ship and Museum and the Tampa Bay History Center are near the Amtrak station as something to do. Walking time is about 20 minutes from the station and you can store your bag for a fee in order to explore the nearby area.

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