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  1. Hi! Do you have suggestions for the most popular Amtrak trips? I want to take an overnight trip and I’d like a combination of nice sights during the trip as well as a nice experience on the train itself.

  2. Correction Needed: for Stations in Maine, you properly CODE Portland, Maine = “POR”
    but the IMAGE you show, (& say “Pictured” below) is, in fact, Portland, Oregon = “PDX”
    please fix this glaring mistake, Thank You.
    (…even though I am calling for a new northern tier Amtrak Transcontinental Train from POR to PDX!- one of 8 from border to border, and from Sea to shining Sea! (the Southern Tier’s Miami-LA’s Sunset Ltd. was our last Transcon, but never restored after Hurricane Katrina 15 years ago))

  3. Hi Dan!

    Sorry, just seeing this comment. The most popular long-distance routes are Empire Builder (2 nights), Coast Starlight (1 night) and California Zephyr (2 nights). You can shorten the California Zephyr trip by starting in Denver and heading west. This is a must-do route if you like mountain and river scenery. Coast Starlight travels on the West Coast between Seattle and Los Angeles and is very beautiful, but more ocean views, and you’ll see the Cascade Mountains as well.

  4. I can’t seem to find any info as to cost on either the auto train (VA to FL) or the silver meteor to Florida. Are these trains still running?

  5. Hi Bridget! Silver Meteor has variable service until June. You’ll have to try different dates to see prices, but looks like June onward daily service.

    For Auto Train you have to select the Auto Train tab when booking tickets to see prices. Next to Book Trip on homepage there is an option to select Auto Train.

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